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We just want to assure our customers that the team at Diamond W Feeds is hard at work, with a goal of uninterrupted service for our customers!

After the devastating fire on the evening of Sunday, Oct. 16th, 2016, that wiped out our main office and feed mixing facilities. The team at Diamond W Feeds was back to work the next day, to setup alternative measures to continue to serve our customer’s needs. As of Oct. 18th, we were already out delivering feed. We also want to assure our customers that our plans are to rebuild our feed facilities and to continue to provide the feed service our customers have learned to expect from us.

So, please continue to Contact Us with your feeds needs. Our team is here, willing, and able to work hard to continue to meet the needs of our customers!


Diamond W Feeds is a Certified Expert Purina® Dealer that focuses on customer service to deliver sustained nutrition to your entire livestock herd. We carry a variety of Purina® feed & mineral products that are conveniently available in bulk, bagged, and also in tub containers. If your needs are in bulk feed, we have the truck fleet available to get your bulk feed delivered to you in North Dakota. Just contact us, and let's talk about your feed needs.

Our Featured Products

We offer quality Purina® products that are favorites of our area cattle producers. Our cattle feeds and minerals contain the highest-quality ingredients. Just contact us and we will help you find what’s best for your cattle.

Creep Feeding

creep feeder

We are an Official Dealer for Patriot Creep Feeders and Accuration® Accu-Creep, Rangeland® Creep Feed

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Our most popular is bulk Accuration feed mix. We offer different blends for creep/feeders to meet the needs of young and growing cattle. Contact us about delivery, we have three delivery trucks to deliver outstanding customer service and we do provide bag and tub delivery as well.

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Purina® Minerals

Wind and Rain Minerials

We keep the area favorites on hand in both tubs and bagged versions.

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Why Do We Offer Purina® Products?

It's simple, we believe in them! Because we see the good results, and during our daily feed deliveries we hear the good testimonies from our area farmer/rancher client herd owners in North Dakota. Purina® products do the job that livestock producers need to have done!.


Purina® Research Is Top Notch

Important is documented research in more efficient and effective ways to provide optimal cattle nutrition. With unsurpassed research and technical support, Purina® leads the industry in providing America's cattlemen with innovative products and programs to help you make more efficient use of your resources of land, labor, capital and management.

Our Customers Are Number One With Us

These are certainly exciting times in the cattle business! We want to help ensure a prosperous future for our area cattle farms and ranches. We at Diamond W Feeds, are proud to offer quality Purina® products to our customers.

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